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Author Scott Swift has created a fascinating new concept in the world of children’s storytelling - stories that children all over the world can identify with!
                                       What are the Traveling Salesman stories about?

Originating from the fantastical tales a father made up from thin air each night for his sons at bedtime, the Traveling Salesman is a mystical, magical wizard of sorts who uses his wits and wizardry to escape tight spots and help those in need.  Traveling from town to town, he sells everyday items enchanted with magical properties. But beware! If the items are misused the consequences can be dire.  Each tale is a standalone story in its own right, but taken together they weave a rich and vibrant world inhabited by werewolves, witches, and magical creatures of every kind!

Different from other children’s stories, the main character of the series, the Salesman, is never given a name, nor is he described physically. In fact, none of the characters in the stories are given names!

“I came up with this concept so kids would see who they wanted in the characters, not who I wanted,” says author Scott Swift. “If I had named a character, say, ‘Brittney’, you would immediately get a picture in your head of who I was talking about.  Even if I went on to describe how she looked, you would still have that initial picture in the back of your mind.  This way kids get to imagine the characters as anyone they want, the Salesman is whoever the child wants him to be.”

The Salesman could be any shape or size (tall, short, etc.) or of any background… whatever the child imagines!  Family members, people in their own communities or even classmates. A completely new way of telling children’s stories! 

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